New Tutorial Largely Finished (and other sprinting news...)

Good (and long) day today. Phil and I worked through his porting of the Watermelon game to the XO, with Phil documenting what he was doing and my trying to answer his questions. It exposed a large number of issues that I've become to familiar with to recognize any more. Mel is going to read through it and give me feedback. There were a number of issues we just wound up punting on due to problems with the Win32 quick-start environment he was working on (see below), the system was just plain broken, so we didn't get issues dealt with.

Similarly, had about 5 people go through the previous Tutorial document and ask questions so that I could update it with the answers so that people who aren't sitting at a sprint can work through it themselves. That's extremely valuable stuff. Very happy about that.

We've got quite a few projects going simultaneously. An accessibility project, a couple of new games, a "clean up" project, documentation, porting and the like. We're finding that the tutorial is a reasonable start for people and that setup is reasonable these days. Of course, we are not having anyone use sugar-jhbuild, it being hopelessly broken as an idea.

We're telling developers that they should prefer Ubuntu with Jani's packages where ever possible. If they're on Win32, the really-quick-start package is the choice. If on Mac, emulation, but we don't seem to have got anyone working on it (our Mac user is using raw Pygame rather than an XO-specific environment).

The win32 really-quick-start package seems to have a version of Sugar that is simply broken, the get_activity_root() function is returning some weird directory under /activities which doesn't seem to exist. I gather its a broken rainbow implementation. Completely karks the data-storage part of the tutorial, Productive, and anything else that is following the API as seen in the stable version.

Other than a few fixes here and there in OLPCGames, I haven't been doing any coding, just helping developers, documenting processes and generally trying to make the sprint more effective.


  1. Charles Merriam

    Charles Merriam on 03/18/2008 1:17 p.m. #

    Wish I could have stayed for the entire sprint. :(. Ah well, I'll keep plugging. Baby is down for another 45 minutes so I get to tap away. :)<br />

  2. Plumbing

    Plumbing on 03/20/2008 5:10 p.m. #

    Keep up the good work. You will get it done with that work ethic.

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