As You Like It (Other weekend pleasantries...)

Soni and I went to the Distillery District to watch "As You Like It" on Saturday. We wound up running through the rain to just barely make the show. The last time we were 7 minutes late getting to the door. It takes about 50 minutes to get there if you aren't running, and we only had 45 minutes when we headed out.

The play was well done, I was moved by a number of scenes, most of them pre-intermission. I've never seen or read that particular play. Post intermission the story just seemed to lose interest, no fault of the actors, the plot is just warped, with the character's motivations seeming rather thin. I "get" them, but I don't empathize with them, particularly Rossellyn, who seemed arbitrarily cruel.

The plot twists with both the elder brother and the evil uncle/father converting to the light side both seemed stretched. I would have been much more satisfied if the whole crowd had decided to stay in the forest and be content. To be happy and free (though they were never poor) would seem the better choice if they had learnt anything from the experience.

Worked at Linux Caffe on Friday afternoon and Thursday night and got to talk to Dave a bit. Soni and I went out for dinner on Friday night to the Himalayan restaurant on Bloor. They are always packed these days, and reasonably so, given their wonderful food. This evening we had Simon and Fan in for coffee and chatting. All in all a good dose of people for the weekend. I'm sad I didn't get time to work on PyOpenGL, but otherwise very satisfying.


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