Want to use Pyglet's Generator (Time, time...)

Getting finished work the Beta2 for PyOpenGL (mostly bug-fixes so far), looking through the missing pieces I thought I'd bite the bullet and set up ctypes' code generator so I could produce the WGL extension... but then realized the refactoring patch isn't in there. Browsed through the wgl module in pyglet and started thinking "why not just use this for the raw module"?

So, started looking through the code generator... Alex is either a madman or a genius, has a whole C99 parser in there including pre-processor handling. Not sure how robust it is, but it can certainly handle the area I need to work with (same area he's working on, after all). Want to get some time to work on the generation side, but it certainly seems like it would be straightforward to adapt it to produce the "OpenGL.raw" hierarchy.

Anyway, that will have to wait for my Open Source day on Friday.

ps: Tim seems to have managed to un-stick Zope. Thanks Tim!


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