Settling In Nicely After a Long Move

Soni and I moved into our new apartment over the last two days.  Long couple of days.  Our old building's administrator told us two days before the move that we couldn't use the elevator in the period for which we'd asked, so we had to reschedule the movers at the last moment.  They called to tell us they'd be "at least" an hour late in our 3 hour window.  Then around 1pm Soni got a call saying "I'm on my way over"... so I started the move down to the lobby (since we were going to be short on time).  Got about 1/2 done the move while going "where the heck are they"... at which point we realized the person who had called was Rogers Cable, not the movers.

They eventually called around 2:30 or to tell us they wouldn't be there until 5:00.  They did eventually show up, but they banged the heck out of the furniture as they moved it.  The super (as distinct from the admin) was very nice at the old building, he let me have the elevator for an hour when they finally showed up.  Super at the new building was great, she let us reschedule 3 times, despite having 6 or more apartments moving this weekend.

This was the first time I personally moved with movers (though I've helped people with movers before)... I think I can say confidently that it counts as the second-worst moving experience I've had.  Oh well.  We're in now. We've got a laundry-list of things to do (including laundry), but we're basically happy with the new (smaller) place, not least because Soni is now just 15 minutes from work (instead of > 1 hour).


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