Have to do another beta for PyOpenGL

There have been so many changes to try to improve performance and packaging that we're going to have to have another beta for PyOpenGL.  Beta 8 is up on SourceForge.  It includes Win32 installers for both the Python code and the (optional) Cython accelerator modules (for Python 2.5).  Probably should split out the accelerator modules into a separate download package from PyOpenGL at some point.  None of that has been tested, however, I'll try to get time to do a test cycle tomorrow.


  1. bnenning

    bnenning on 12/07/2008 4:47 p.m. #

    Thanks for your great work on PyOpenGL. I'm having trouble installing beta 8, has the build process changed? For previous betas I just ran "python setup.py build" and "python setup.py install" and it would install an egg in my site-packages directory. (Python 2.6 on Mac OS X 10.5, if that matters). With beta 8, setup.py first gives me an error on the "import metadata" line. It looks like the metadata.py file is missing, so I copied it from the beta 6 source. Then I can build and try to install, but the only file that gets written to site-packages is "PyOpenGL-3.0.0b8-py2.6.egg-info"; the actual egg isn't created.

    Any help is much appreciated...

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 12/07/2008 5:10 p.m. #

    metadata.py was, indeed, missing from the source distributions. I've re-released the source packages to fix that.

    Can you confirm that there's no "OpenGL" directory in your site-packages?

    When I attempt with the fixed package in a virtualenv on AMD64 linux with no PYTHONPATH it installs the OpenGL directory as well as the PyOpenGL-3.0.0b8-py2.5.egg-info file.

  3. bnenning

    bnenning on 12/07/2008 9:07 p.m. #

    That worked, I do get an OpenGL directory. I didn't notice because my app was still using the 3.0.0b6 egg, but after removing the egg it sees b8. Thanks!

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