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Jan. 14, 2008 - Jan. 20, 2008

Patterns of Creation (Missing section of the outline...)

Reading through the original outline for my thesis (that is, the one in 1997) and realizing there's lots of stuff in there that just isn't getting covered in the rewrite. So, today I worked on the "Patterns of Creation" section, this section just discusses the nature of generative and organizing patterns and their role in ...

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Working through bug reports for PyOpenGL (Little fixes here and there...)

Spent the whole day (around a nap) working through the PyOpenGL bug-tracker. A number of minor fixes here and there, a few new test cases, and a lot of stale-dated stuff. Got the vertex buffer object Demo working again along the way.

Need to test Win32 extension handling (I have a report that it's broken ...

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Do an OLPC Stream at TOJam? (Idea from a co-speaker...)

Jim suggested having an OLPC stream at TOJam, would have to work out the logistics, make sure people have development environments available, that kind of thing. It would have to be off-clock, so I couldn't put all that much time into it, but it might pull in a dozen or so new developers.

IGDA Presentation Goes Well (Game development fun...)

Spoke down at the IGDA Toronto chapter meeting today. A number of folks interested in working on the project, particularly two gentlemen who have a lot of sound effects they might be able to release to meet our needs and audio/video encoding experience. A number of independent game developers, and web-content providers also indicating interest.

Cortical Algorithm at PyGTA Tonight (Book precis and implementation discussion)

Since I didn't get anyone else standing up with a "deep" topic for tonight, I'm proposing that we look at the cortical algorithm put forward by Hawkins in On Intelligence, and then see if we can hash out how you'd go about creating such a thing in Python (efficiently enough to make it useful). ...

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