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Feb. 18, 2008 - Feb. 24, 2008

Journal Integration for OLPCGames (inotify (save) and a command line argument (open)?)

Just implemented the Journal API for OLPCGames. A serious mess in there, it's a synchronous call where the filename passed will be deleted, so handling it in the asynchronous Pygame environment means I'm having to block the GTK event loop until the Pygame event loop retires the event. Which meant I needed to introduce the ...

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New Icon for Productive (Blocked on deployment project...)

Waiting for a database dump/restore, doing a bit of tinkering on Productive. Finally created an SVG icon for it (well, a second one, the OLPCGames default icon was originally created for Productive and just turned into the default icon because it was handy and "in progress" looking).

You can see the new icon in the ...

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Learning in Perception (Musings...)

Thinking about perceiving (cognitive) machines. It seems that a hybrid model should be applicable for most prosaic tasks. The key benefit of an AI would be a compact, effective structure for learning and abstraction (modelling), it would not necessarily be a good way to code low-level real-world operations. Though it might have advantages, the processing ...

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