New Icon for Productive (Blocked on deployment project...)

Waiting for a database dump/restore, doing a bit of tinkering on Productive. Finally created an SVG icon for it (well, a second one, the OLPCGames default icon was originally created for Productive and just turned into the default icon because it was handy and "in progress" looking).

You can see the new icon in the source code if you have an SVG-capable browser. It's just an SVG rendering of Octy with a flower. The outline and core colour for Octy are picked up from the user's defined colours, while the flower stays daisy-white.

Maybe get a chance to work on some UI issues if the blockage continues.

[Update] Instead of UI issues wound up hitting lots of connectivity/networking issues. Shared activities never showing up in the neighbourhood, crashing on sharing with nonsense exceptions deep inside Telepathy every once in a while too.

I'm gathering that the system is not dealing with the network slowdown here very well. Might be a problem with the version of Telepathy included in the Ubuntu Gutsy packages I suppose (I haven't tried running Telepathy on this laptop in a long time). Database load has completed, so no more time to work on it today.


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