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Long day's Dojo into AJAX

Spent the whole day working on Dojo widgets... seems I spend almost every day these past few months working on Dojo widgets.  The Dijits (as they call them) are far more robust than the per-page custom-coded stuff that I'm replacing, and we're winding up with a fairly generic collection of "things" from which we can ...

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What to do about education?

The OLPC seems to have run off a cliff.  Sugar labs seems intent on continuing their OS UI experiments, which might bear fruit in a few years, but which for now make development for the platform untenable.  Sad to see all that wasted potential that seemed to just lack someone practical saying "hey, you need ...

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Fixed bug in generic attribute support

Working up the sample code for the "legacy free" section of the PyOpenGL talk for PyCon I discovered that the glVertexAttribPointer wrapper never got finished.  You could pass in c_void_pointers, but other than that it just wouldn't work.  Obviously not a lot of people using the generic attribute support in PyOpenGL... but then I knew ...

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Audio Monitor for System Load in CSound (Using CSound from Python)

To try to help out with Seneca's presentation today on the Python interface to CSound I tried to create a small demonstration application. It shows the use of CSound's "real time" Python API, that is, the API that allows you to poke notes directly into the score buffer for playing.

bzr branch

6 Word Sci-Fi

Her tongue had not felt reptilian.

She almost missed Schroedinger's cat door.

"Your clone's warranty expired upon fertilization."

Jennifer disappeared soon after perfecting fusion.

Embarrassingly, his clothes did not follow.

Blue-collar photon entanglers started looking.

"Ned spoke for Earth without authorization."

These Armageddon parties need to stop.

Inanimate crystals were her best clients.

Inanimate crystals ...

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glInterleavedArrays is deprecated...

Doing a bit of after-work hacking on the PyOpenGL presentation, just realized that glInterleavedArrays is deprecated.  It's pretty trivial to rewrite as array pointers when you have VBO objects:

glInterleavedArrays( GL_T2F_N3F_V3F, 0, data )


glVertexPointer( len(data), GL_FLOAT, 32, data+20 )
glNormalPointer( len(data), GL_FLOAT, 32, data+8 ...

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Presentations are Roughed Out

Have the basic outline for the two PyCon presentations worked out now.  I'll need some more work to pull together really good sample code for the PyOpenGL one.  I added the ability to load multiple profile files to RunSnakeRun as I worked on the profiling presentation (one of those, "oh, yeah, I'm describing how to ...

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