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Asterisk call-to-call daemon (By popular demand...)

Since pyfoo requested the code for this little hack, here it is. In actually using the script I've found it to be too clumsy to be worth the savings in minutes for me. The problem is that you receive back a call and then have to know the number you wanted to call in the ...

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Getting the old OpenGL.Tk module working again...

Had a user complain that we don't have Togl support any more (again).  It's another one of those "blah" tasks that I really feel ambivalent about.  I've long since completely given up on Tkinter, particularly since it's no longer installed by default on any reasonable Linux distributions.  However, Togl, while still not (AFAICS) packaged for ...

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Any Win64 PyOpenGL devs?

I don't really use Windows.  I have a Vista partition on my laptop that I use for compiling and releasing projects, but it's a 32-bit image.  I honestly don't care enough about Win64 to buy a copy, but there are obviously people who do want to run PyOpenGL on it.  So, any Win64 developers feel ...

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