Getting the old OpenGL.Tk module working again...

Had a user complain that we don't have Togl support any more (again).  It's another one of those "blah" tasks that I really feel ambivalent about.  I've long since completely given up on Tkinter, particularly since it's no longer installed by default on any reasonable Linux distributions.  However, Togl, while still not (AFAICS) packaged for Ubuntu, has binary tarballs that can be installed on any modern Python + Tkinter, so while I may not see it as a good idea to use Tkinter in new projects, the barrier to entry for providing access to Togl for those who choose to do so has dropped (i.e. I no longer have to compile the dratted thing).

I almost went totally nuts and included Togl into the PyOpenGL distribution, then I realized just how much that would add to the size of the distribution.  So, there's now a script "src/" which downloads the binaries from SourceForge and installs them into PyOpenGL.  There's also fixes to the OpenGL/Tk package that make it work with Togl 2.0 and allow for the difference between 32 and 64-bit builds (though there's no Win64 build of Togl AFAICS, luckily we apparently don't work on Win64 to begin with).

Fixed a few other bugs in preparation for the beta-1 release.  Need to start testing tomorrow for that on the various platforms, video-cards, etceteras.


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