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June 29, 2009 - July 5, 2009

Contributors verily rocketh

There's a 2.1.1a2 release of SimpleParse out.  The only significant change is to allow building on Python 2.6 with Mingw32.  Anthony Tuininga pointed out that the only place the compiler actually had difficulty with was in a debug printing function that isn't particularly necessary.  I've completely gutted the function for now.

Thanks also to Alan ...

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Capturing and replaying from easy_install

Have some time before a client meeting this afternoon... so here's the issue I've been turning over in my mind since it was brought up at the last PyGTA.  We've run into the same issue at multiple clients and while the "right" solution would likely be to make easy_install/distutils record the information, I've spent way ...

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Testing and Point Parameters (sprites)

Spent the afternoon testing PyOpenGL 3.0.1, dull, really.  Found a few errors in the Demo where code was trying to use OpenGL before there is a context (recent Linux drivers are getting *really* picky about that).  Added a flag to the root OpenGL namespace to control unpacking of single-length arrays, thinking that PyOpenGL 3.1 should ...

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