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Nov. 23, 2009 - Nov. 29, 2009

mDNS service to share apt caches?

Working on the Research in Action follow-up I had a thought.

Is there a package I can install on a (Debian-based) machine which would automatically advertise to all machines on the network (via mDNS or the like) that I have (signed) repository sources and .debs available?

The idea being that an "Internet Bus" would update ...

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Framebuffer Object shadows

I also added a FrameBufferObject implementation to the "special effects" tutorial path for OpenGLContext. This uses the convenience wrapper for frame buffer objects which I just added to PyOpenGL. The convenience wrapper just makes the ARB and EXT variants of the entry points available via alternates and provides a checkFramebufferStatus function which implements the ARB ...

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