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PyCon 2010 Schedule is Up

How did I miss the announcement?  Looks like I'm the last talk on Saturday afternoon.  Greg's talking at the same time on Basie, Ned on Testing.  Hrm, maybe don't need to worry about my server melting.  Anyway, the schedule is up, now we can all start planning which sessions we have to give ...

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Ported back to Twisted (but with TurboGears)

For those who are wondering about the Twisted + TurboGears posts.  Yes, I did move ChatTrack back to Twisted, and I did go with an embedded WSGI-hosted TurboGears for the "webish" stuff.

As some of you may recall, I started off in December writing my little tool for real-time feedback using Athena... and wound up ...

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Getting close on ChatTrack

I'm almost to the point where I want to get a few friends playing with the tool.  I've still got Search, User "Blogs", RSS Feeds, and Highest-rated views to do, as well as lots of clean-ups.  Also need to get the domain-name set up for the poor little server.

I expect that the VM will ...

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