Getting close on ChatTrack

I'm almost to the point where I want to get a few friends playing with the tool.  I've still got Search, User "Blogs", RSS Feeds, and Highest-rated views to do, as well as lots of clean-ups.  Also need to get the domain-name set up for the poor little server.

I expect that the VM will just melt under even 100 simultaneous users (which is why I'm not going to try running on Vex's machines, as I get that access for free).  I may wind up having to pay for a real server for a few weeks over PyCon.  Want to get an SSL cert as well, though running SSL on an overloaded box probably isn't a great idea.  That needs to wait on the domain name anyway, I suppose.  I'm tempted to just go with "" since I'd like to keep the server around for other projects where I don't want to impact Vex's other users.

Also need to get tested on at least an iPhone (didn't get that done at PyGTA) and maybe an Android... oh, and I should test on IE 7/8 too :) .  Hrm, probably need to start setting priorities so I can get it properly stress-tested and deployed before PyGTA this month.

For tonight, however, working on the presentation.


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