ab is a cruel mistress

Got started on testing performance tonight for ChatTrack.  Wow.  Nowhere *near* where it needs to be, not even on basic page rendering... seeing something like 14.5rps sustained on 1000 requests with 100 concurrency, and there's significant numbers of requests taking more than 4s to reply (eep!).  And that's on the laptop, the poor little virtual server is just going to keel over.

Good news is, I haven't optimized much yet, just tested, so likely there's just something "oopsie"'d in there. I can see at least 2 queries for the user record on each request... that's not right. There also appears to be some unnecessary queries for the survey options. After that, it's off to the wonderful world of caching! And at some point I need to test the streaming-scaling...

I did find some time to work on the actual presentation this evening, but the next two days I'm off on paying customer's work, so no work on the PyCon stuff for a bit. Still, presentation is shaping up well.


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