PyCon Dress Rehearsal rocks the Casbah

Leigh and I did our presentations this evening to a pretty-much-packed house.

Leigh managed to keep pretty-much to time... I was *way* over (maybe double time), but then I knew I would be, the deck was almost 70 slides and that's before feedback, discussing ChatTrack as a project, etceteras, need to get the whole deck down to maybe 10-15 minutes so we have some time to get audience feedback.  That shouldn't be a problem, this was, in essence, a first-draft deck, and it had a *lot* of fluff...

Need to remember to mention ChatTrack *before* I start talking, so that people actually get a chance to respond... just having the URL on every slide isn't enough, people think it's my company's URL.  Even with that, fact is that my presentation, even the long version, is rather fast, it seems unlikely that we'll really get all that many people chatting/voting/feeding-back during it.

Myles gave me lots of good feedback on ChatTrack, and even tested on the iPhone for me (apparently it works there now, save for some CSS issues and voting, as that's a drag-and-drop thing and that doesn't seem to work on the iPhone).  Nice guy, Myles.

No one seemed to have a better voting UI idea, but everyone seems to agree that the current UI is too non-standard for people to automatically understand.  May wind up with icky up/down arrows (as I do for the whole-post up/down votes).  All in all it seems like it's pretty much okay for now, with maybe a few tweaks before Saturday.  One must-have is the links to the "highest-rated" and "most-commented" pages, as without that you can't pull up the "summary" during the presentation to respond.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to spend with Soni and Lex for the most part (as well as getting packed and all the rest).  I'm on an early-afternoon flight to Atlanta, so hopefully I'll get to hang out with some people on Thursday night.


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