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April 12, 2010 - April 18, 2010

Fedora 10 without the Cruft

Wound up stuck at the Caffe for almost 3 hours as my supposedly minimal Fedora 10 install churned on my non-suspend-capable laptop.  Turns out that you have to deselect *every* checkbox in the Fedora 10 installer to get a minimal install, even things like system tools, text-editors and the like.  The google key word to ...

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Upstart seems kinda nice

Been doing system-level wiring for a low-level process for the last few hours, target is Fedora 10, so I can (theoretically) use Upstart for the init scripts... pretty slick stuff, the configs are simple, and I can create my 4-5 somewhat-interdependent processes such that they just kick each other off based on sending events.  The ...

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