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April 5, 2010 - April 11, 2010

Extract all fields of a DER-encoded PKCS7 file?

Say you have a PKCS#7 file with an embedded code-image as a field, how would you go about extracting that field's contents?  pyOpenSSL doesn't seem to have mechanisms for extracting/viewing arbitrary fields from PKCS7.  pyasn1 can load the structures, but of course it doesn't have access to the meaning of the fields, and it doesn't ...

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Generic Binary-Data Pack/Unpack Module?

Having just written yet another module to pack/unpack data into a particular binary format, I'm wondering if someone has a more effective method they'd like to share?  I'm thinking some module that can handle RLE/TLV type stuff, complex "encodings" such as utf-8 continued charcters, struct-like pack/unpack for static elements, efficient loading of arrays, and bit-field ...

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