The PyCon Presentation Proposal Deadline is Upon You!

You don't need to be an expert on something.  It doesn't need to be something obscure.

Talk about how to use a debugger effectively.  Talk about how using a debugger is a crutch for those too weak to use TDD.  Talk about how TDD is a crutch for those too insecure about their code to write their code live on the production machine.  Talk about how, when writing code live on a production machine it's often useful to have a shell into which to drop for debugging, and how that saved your a** one day.  Talk about how to embed a debugger into your application using TDD.

You've got until next Wednesday (October 12th, 2011).  Get those proposals started or your amazing "TDD is the Anti-Pasta and your Savior" talk might not be accepted.


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