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Watch your Django field defaults do not load objects if you use South

Just ran into a South migration issue.  Basically we had a field that looked like this (simplified):

class MyModel( models.Model ):
    hostname = models.CharField(
        default = random_unique_hostname,

where random_unique_hostname() was written like so (again, simplified):

def random_unique_hostname():
    test = generate_random()
        MyModel.objects.get( hostname = test )
    except MyModel.DoesNotExist, err:
        return test
        return random_unique_hostname() ...

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Fake French is Fun!

Ran FakeLion over our current project.  It's actually pretty cool just as a design tool.  The text is backward and in a weird "font", so you aren't distracted by what is says, you just see the site's layout with text-where-text-will-be.  With this being the third time we've used it on the project, there really wasn't ...

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Bad Coder, No Cookie

We use globalsub and MockProc extensively in our test-suite at work.  Today I wanted to look up the name of the argument in MockProc (we use globalsub in almost every test case, so I don't need to look that up).  So, look up the docs... wow, whoever wrote this library really sucks, there's just some ...

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Minor changes to OpenGL.raw

I've just done a bit of hacking to make the (Py)OpenGL.raw hierarchy a little more "normal" looking when you read the auto-generated code.  There are now functions declared, the functions are then annotated with decorators to make them into wrappers (which actually replaces the original functions).  Doesn't really affect how the code works, it just ...

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Forget "pledges" to release updates and fuzzy timelines

Hey, google/android peoples. Here's a proposal: shame *every* licensee into releasing official unlockers for *every* Android phone ever released.  The unlocker should just install an open bootloader that can install whatever ROM the user wishes (it can scream loudly at the user that they are voiding their warranty, of course).

To be clear; not for ...

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Modernising PyVRML97

Spent a few hours working on getting PyVRML97 (on which OpenGLContext is built) updated to use Cython instead of hand-coded C modules for the accelerators.  The transformation-matrix stuff worked pretty well, but so far the frustum-culling code isn't happy.  I'd like to get the rework done before releasing a new version of OpenGLContext (which really ...

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Android 2.2 seems pretty 2.1-like...

Got one of the phones flashed up to 2.2 (an unsupported release for it), so in theory I'll be able to develop/test OpenGL ES 2.0 now.  I spent far longer than I should have doing that (the whole day, basically, what with various mis-steps and spending hours trying to figure out what the best ROM ...

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