Corner cases do crop up, don't they?

So I've been playing with cutting down OpenGLContext into something like a modern scenegraph engine.  The first step there is to eliminate the old tree-traversal rendering mechanism, as the "flat" rendering engine is both simpler and much more easily optimized.  No big problem, really.  A lot of OpenGLContext's demos/tests just ran with only minimal changes, a few of the very old ones were using the customization points (e.g. Background) that were dependent on the old rendering model, but they could generally be ported to the new model by moving a few lines of code into their "Render" method.  The surprising corner case was one of the most *recent* tutorials, namely shadows.  As I was writing that tutorial I took a shortcut by using the legacy visitor in the middle of the rendering process to traverse and output the geometry for each sub-pass, and the modifications to the flat renderer mean that the "Context" is now a rendering node... which means the flat renderer includes it in the set of things to render when I do a query on the scenegraph for what should be rendered... queue infinite recursion.  Oh well, gives me something to work on tomorrow :) .


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