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Piping Data Around with Fussy

In one of those cases where you ask a question, don't get an answer, then spend far longer than you intended playing with the problem, I've just added a Pipe mechanism to Fussy (why to fussy, you ask? Well because that's where I wanted to use it).  Basically it provides a small wrapper around subprocess ...

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Kubuntu really does kinda rock quietly...

I just upgraded our last machine to Kubuntu 12.04 (the laptop has been running it since a beta).  In place update with about 2 minutes offline... Debian/Ubuntu/Kubuntu really is amazing that way.

The new Kubuntu is pretty much just like the old Kubuntu.  It works, is very pretty, but just gets out of the way ...

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So apparently I don't need to write my own test code...

Just stumbled across the OpenGL Samples Pack, which is a bunch of OpenGL sample code for advanced features... exactly the kind of thing I need to test if I've got PyOpenGL working... of course, they're written in C, but it's way easier to translate from C to Python than to come up with dozens ...

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