Twitch Lightmaps and (the start of Shaders)

So I was feeling a bit burned out on programming this morning.  What's the solution to that, you ask?  3D graphics, obviously.

I pulled out Twitch (What's Twitch you ask? It's a very simple loader for .bsp maps).  I finished off the shader parser and added lightmap support.  At this point you can load up a map and it looks loosely like what Quake III would show you. There is still some z-fighting here and there, and anything that uses shader materials other than "nodraw" is not rendered properly (the parsing of the shader file works, but it doesn't get interpreted save for the nodraw feature).

At this point adding dynamic lights, the sky-box and clouds would likely make the most visual impact, then basic shader-based textured objects, then the animated texture components.  Probably need to look at collision detection/ground-walking and navigation after that.  Performance is much slower with the lightmaps in place, so I suppose I'll likely need to add culling tests too.  I don't want to go too overboard, as it's already ~1000 lines of code.


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