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July 15, 2013 - July 21, 2013

ctypes + PyBuffer?

Chris Barker asked about having a PEP 3118 format handler for PyOpenGL. I've played around with this in the past, but always wound up with segfaults due to apparent double-free operations when using ctypes to do buffer work.  Basically, once I GetBuffer() into a buffer the deallocation of the buffer struct in ctypes seems to ...

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Defaulting a POINT to GeoIP

So you added a totally cool and gnarly view that lets the user specify a POINT on a map (and text coordinates), and then two more to let them view and explore them.  Your users should love you forever... but those dratted users are complaining that the default location is off in the Atlantic ocean ...

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Metaclasses, what are they good for...

A question was asked at the Django Toronto meetup during the metaclasses talk, basically, "what would you use this for"... so, here's my talk on Metaclasses [pdf] from a PyCon of the Python 2.2 era, which addressed that question at some length (the first half of the presentation). It doesn't secifically mention the use-case cited ...

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