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July 22, 2013 - July 28, 2013

PyOpenGL Py_buffer Support Moving Forward

I've been getting the Py_buffer protocol based format handler for PyOpenGL implemented. The actual handler for buffer-providing types is pretty simple, and the numpy handler is now rewritten into a tiny subclass that just provides a "zeros" method and some "coerce to contiguous" code.  Not yet ready for prime time, and needs accelerator support still, ...

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Packaging Ubuntu/Debian is not fun

So I wanted to get Eric4 running on my Ubuntu 13.04 laptop, no problem, the latest Eric4 is compatible, just download the Ubuntu package source, run bzr-merge-upstream and then debuild, right?

No, because Eric4 is a multi-file tar source, where the secondary files (translations) all have binary files that do not play well with the ...

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pip/pytz fails with 1.4 and 2013b

We happened to be building a new build server today, and one of the steps in the process is to install packages.  We download all of the packages to local disk in one step (pip install --download ${packages}), then install them in the next step (pip install --no-index --find-links ${packages}).  Thing is, while pytz downloaded ...

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Upgrading the Laptop

I finally caved in to the silky sweet seductive tones of Docker. I can't risk the desktop as I need a working machine, but if the laptop is borked I just lose the ability to work away-from-home for a few days. I'm hoping to set up a whole suite of build/test containers.  If it works ...

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Create a DKMS DEB for a kernel module

If you have a traditional kernel module, such as the one for the ASIX AX88179 (source code) you may be rather reluctant to install it on your Ubuntu 12.04 machine because it requires re-compilation for every kernel upgrade.  Well, that's what dkms is for, so let's turn that source release into a .deb ...

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