PyOpenGL 3.1.0b2 Available for Testing

The second (and hopefully last) beta for PyOpenGL 3.1.0 is now available. These are the changes since Beta 1. If there's nothing critical showing up I'll do a final release in a few weeks.

  • Generation fixes (lots of them) 
  • GLES/GL-only extensions should now be generated only in the appropriate directories 
  • Extensions which are multi-api will show up in each API package (note: custom wrappers are still written per-api) 
  • Freshly generated wrappers from the khronos API repository 
  • Late/lazy binding of all entry points (that is, we do not even attempt to resolve any entry point until we try to try to call it) 
  • All DLLs are now lazy-loaded, so we can define DLLs and entry points without paying for loading them in every script 
  • Export the nullFunction method in the OpenGL.platform namespace
  • No longer export DLLs into the OpenGL.platform namespace, these are now in OpenGL.platform.PLATFORM (to allow for lazy loading) 
  • Setup script fixes for relative filename references 
  • Build fixes for cython on OS-X 
  • Remove duplicate checking for extension in createFunction() 
  • A bit of work on making a GLES2 shader wrapper as in GL 
  • Explicitly check for self._noErrorResult in error checkers rather than assuming no-error-result is always boolean False 
  • Explicitly return self._noErrorResult when error checking is suppressed 
  • VBO implementation is now separated out into per-api modules so that GLES can eventually get its own implementation 
  • OS-X fix for true-core-context with no error checking 
  • Refactor the OSMesa context into a platform and a module with the extension functions (OpenGL.osmesa) 
  • Make most "output" parameters use "orPassIn" flag so that they can be *either* generated or passed in 
  • Fix for shader log retrieval when using core shader implementation 
  • Provide OpenGL and GLES dlls on the EGL and GLX platforms respectively 
  • Reinstate intended default for context-checking flag (True) 
  • Remove support for extremely old ctypes versions from now-unsupported Python versions 
  • Accelerate wrappers regenerated with cython 0.20.1

Have fun!

pip install "PyOpenGL==3.1.0b2" "PyOpenGL_accelerate==3.1.0b2"


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