RunSnakeRun 3.0.0 Beta 1

So I finally sat down and finished off the work I was doing a while ago to get RunSnakeRun updated to run on Python 3 and support pyspy/speedscope files. There was a bunch of stuff needed to make us compatible with the wxPython Pheonix releases, a huge and horrible hack to let us load Python2 pstats dumps on Python3 (basically running python2 in a subprocess), a seeming loss of Meliae support (since AFAIK it doesn't run on python3), and really far too much code churn, but oh well.

If you'd like to download and test, you should be able to pull it with:

pip install "RunSnakeRun=3.0.0b1"

Please remember to report your platform versions, wxPython version, sample profile files, etc when reporting errors.


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