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First day goes well (Cleaning up code that's been hacked up way too much)

I spent much of the day refactoring rather messy modules that were making it difficult to move forward cleanly (put another way, I ran into a "can't get there from here" this morning because of this). We had three different conceptual objects all using the same class; an order for the object, the inventory object ...

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Learning is fun (Even if it's just accounting...)

Spent the bulk of today learning the basics of how to do the accounting for a small corporation in Canada. I'm planning to use GNUCash for the primary accounting system. We're going to be fairly small and simply structured, so it seems like a good fit. (I realise it seems weird I wouldn't just write ...

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Finishing off the evening with a little light reading (How to start a business in Ontario...)

Have been spelunking through the various government websites that describe the process of setting up a corporation in Ontario. Whee! Looks like about a week or more to get the whole edifice in place with the ability to pay salary, collect taxes, track expenses and otherwise operate reasonably. Anyway, enough of that for tonight. I ...

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