First day goes well (Cleaning up code that's been hacked up way too much)

I spent much of the day refactoring rather messy modules that were making it difficult to move forward cleanly (put another way, I ran into a "can't get there from here" this morning because of this). We had three different conceptual objects all using the same class; an order for the object, the inventory object that's being ordered, and the user's "rental" of that object. The object is core to the operation of half a dozen screens, so breaking it out is a little painful.

On the plus side, I decided that since we're already requiring PyTable I will go ahead and use the ORM-ish operators... Having an ORM to deal with the low-level grotty SQL operations makes it so much easier to work with the code that I also started writing tests for this (under tested) area. I've still got one more split (inventory versus customer) to do, then dive into the screens. All in all a fairly productive day.

This is stuff that's going to have to be rather more rigorously defined for the full-system. Inventory is its own little world and it needs properly separated objects/records to track it properly.

I'm working out how to track hours until we get the issue tracker moved. I still want the hours to show up assigned to the proper tasks and to let the clients track how much time is accumulating. But I don't want to go using the previous tracker, as it's got lots of old time in it already that needs to be billed eventually.

For now I guess I'll do it here: 4 hours 13 minutes. Yes, yes, I know, 5 hours is the minimum at this rate to make a profit, but I had various letters and emails I had to read and respond to through the day. I'm also off to a TAUG meeting this evening for work, so that should top off my day's efforts nicely... speaking of which, that starts in far less time than it takes to get up to the venue and I still haven't shaved (a little luxury I gave myself to celebrate not having to go into the "office").


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