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Fixing core structures is a pain (Hindsight realisations...)

Been doing a lot of refactoring for a client project these last few weeks. Basically just moving away from some poorly-chosen architectures that proved hard to test toward something that's easier to build unit-tests for. Of course, being choices made within the first month of the project, they had worked themselves deep into the grain. ...

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Bugs and refactoring all day (Yawn...)

Spent the day on customer work. Stupid little set of bugs cropped up in some seldom-used code. Sigh. Test coverage could be better. Spent a few hours on further refactoring as well, including adding lots of tests. Kind of stalled on one test where the test fails, but the code works perfectly well on the ...

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Promotion didn't go well (Frustrating...)

Spent the whole working day getting a promotion-to-live done. Just a large number of stupid little errors popping up due to system differences between the staging and live machine. We're missing a stage in the stages due to a configuration mix-up, which is what let it happen.

Went out to dinner with Soni and her ...

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Why is finding an accountant online so hard? (Only half a dozen in Toronto?)

Spent another 4 hours on the taxes today, mostly getting the final forms printed on a non-mucked-up printer and then copying in all the values and checking the results. Total cost is getting way up there, around $2175 in time that could have been billable. Just because I wound up waiting for recommended people to ...

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Taxes melt minds (Fall-through on accountants causes headaches...)

I've now had 4 different planned tax accountants "drop through", one turned out not to be able to do corporate tax (duh! wish I'd known that before waiting until she was free), the one recommended by her used to do taxes for big corporations but doesn't touch taxes any more, and two others (recommended again) ...

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Bashing out code all day (With a 1 hour OLPC break)

Hit 8 hours billable again today (took 11.5 real hours), with an hour's presentation of the laptop to a gent from Bell. All in all this is shaping up to be a very good week in billables, even with Tuesday producing a mere 3 hours. Also got a contact from Amy at the caffe, a ...

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Very productive day (8.5 hours of extremely focused work)

Spent the day working on a new project (a provisioning server). It's amazing how much more productive head-down new-code development is compared with maintenance/debugging stuff. No little fits and starts, no breaks, just sit down and get up hours later with the work done. Even got almost 2 hours of work done during UU (very ...

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Good day's billables on Friday (Refactoring before the new project...)

Did a very solid day's work on Friday for the main client. 6.5 hours on-task out of 7.5 hours at the "office" (Linux Caffe), with the last .5 hours actually being some play with trying to get the PyGame applications running on my BTest2 machine while the thunderstorm was raging. Going to have to make ...

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Billing System Day Tomorrow (All day, all the way...)

We piled up a number of tickets while we were away (and while I was at the conference). I'm basically over my jet-lag and it's about time to sit down and really pound on the company stuff. We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening, but I want to get a full 8 hours ...

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Abandoned building in a park (Machiavelli's palace???)

Highlight of yesterday's wandering was actually a wrong turn. We were wanting to get to the Pitti gardens (and then the Pitti palace, and then...) but missed the little side-gate that is the entrance to Pitti and went through the "main" gate. There was this grand building at the back of the park, and another ...

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