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Togl rises from the grave yet again (I should really stop fixing the darn thing)

Well, spent most of the evening on PyOpenGL and TTFQuery, with some cleanup work in OpenGLContext as well. New release of TTFQuery that works around a bug in FontTools. PyOpenGL 2.1.0 is getting closer, with the major change being compilation tweaks to try to tell the user what's wrong when the configuration doesn't work, ...

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Back from gram's lickety split (And dinner with Shiva and Shademan)

Dinner with Shiva and Shademan was pleasant, went to see "50 First Dates", which was surprisingly funny, not particularly cerebral, but funny. Went to have lunch with grams this afternoon, snooker game was very close, 5 point spread in the end. Been trying to set up SSH-tunnelled VNC for my desktop for when I'm away, ...

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