Days without blogging! (Luckily nothing happened)

(Tim restored the blog from backup (Thanks Tim) and I've just manually copied over the last 3 posts.)

Past two days have been uneventful. I work all day and then pound on the stupid hardware configuration trying to get the nVidia card to work or the (now karked) PVR configuration restored. I wake up early in the morning to failing UPS batteries. That kind of thing.

Today is a Cinemon day. Want to get some serious testing done and see if I can't fix some of the Ajax mechanisms from Nevow (they fail to reconnect when someone hits "back" to go back to a livepage, for instance). That may be as simple as upgrading to an SVN copy of the package, who knows. Have a conference call with Jeinnings regarding integrating their CAD add-in package for HFC drafting with Cinemon this afternoon. Want to get up as well.

There's a UU meeting this evening, for those who feel like doing something geeky. 6:45pm at the University of Toronto, I'll be there, which of course means it will be cool. Lara leaves for Cameroon this afternoon too, Rosey's giving her a lift out to the aerogare.


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