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wxPython is migrating rather fast (Looks like maintenance on the wx projects would be a good idea)

Just reading through the wxPython migration guide and change-log. I need to get cracking and update wxoo for the new apis & the changes. There's a lot of stuff that looks like it may break some of the hackier bits. Also thinking that I should see about creating and donating a multi-method mechanism to provide ...

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Correspondence of yesterday (My own little news service...)

For those following "The Life of Mikey":
  • Emailed the beautiful one last night. She's busy with job and university applications.
  • Rosey got her first acceptance letter for teacher's college from Lakehead (way up North).
  • Alexei wrote, need to reply some time soon.
  • Developer is needing help getting ConflictSolver put together, I'm going to have to ...

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The next bug awaits... (Hierarchy properly created, but no record of group's values)

Some day real soon I'll be able to make the front-page tree control display the group data... sigh. For some reason the group-data recorder refuses to actually insert any data (though it will insert empty records). I'm suspecting a problem in the database definition (i.e. lack of a unique key) as the code all seems ...

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