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Sheesh, $117CDN total income for a year? (I know, I know, I was doing open-source all year, but still...)

Just finished sorting everything out for the 2002 and 2003 years. $117 total income in 2002 (all bank-account interest), with $40 spent on the PSF membership and $40 donated to charity. Net income of $37 dollars (CDN, so about $4US). Hardly seems worth filing, but I'll have to anyway. Of course, turns out I *didn't* ...

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Oh yes, that stuff... (In case anyone cares)

I know no-one really cares about how the internal project is going, but I did finally manage to get the front-page tree control to display the (now recorded) summary data. So far only one piece of it, but the data is now getting in there, so it's just a matter for tweaking what's stored and ...

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Inevitabilities... (Chores and taxes...)

Did a few hours after work on getting the bit-rot out of ConflictSolver last night... not a lot of progress, though it's now able to at least load the main screen. The zcollection code is still seriously messed up, as the CS code is now expecting the new (heavily refactored) API, while zcollection itself is ...

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