Bug Report Fatigue before I get a single report in...

I upgraded my laptop to Kubuntu Lucid to help test the release.  I've now got debug and crash messages popping up in Eric, Plasma crashing when I remove widgets, mkfontscale crashing if I have my .fonts directory available, multi-second pauses on alt-tab (that one's a killer when you work, as I do, by constantly switching between full-screen windows, it's been an ongoing issue for two full releases), a slowly-slowing overall desktop, and lots of other little issues.

All that's fine.  After all, I installed to help test.  Thing is, every time there's a crash, up pops the helpful little crash-reporting tools... they each seem to take 3-4 minutes to finish collecting all the data, querying the servers looking for similar crashes, and then telling me "hey, there's an already-reported bug about this that was closed because it was a third-party plugin" or "sorry, that application isn't supported by the kde bug-tracker" or "enter your smtp server information in this dialog so we can email your report (the dialog doesn't work with my mail-server setup".  The first two types would seem to be something that could be queried up-front (i.e. if you don't support this app, don't do crash-reporting on it).

I have yet to get a single bug-report finished, and I'm pretty much tired of the process already for this week :) .  Ah well, life of a beta-tester, I suppose.


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