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Good lord this month is going slow (PyCon not even a month ago yet)

How is it possible that PyCon was less than a month ago. Heck, even this week seems to have taken a few weeks to complete. Maybe it's just that it's been almost two months since the last PyGTA meeting I was able to attend... and there's still another week and a day before the next ...

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False positives with Bayesian filter in Mozilla! (Following Murphy's law, of course)

This afternoon I got a call from Jeff, who I'm working with to offer a Python/Zope/Plone training seminar. He was just calling to confirm that I was okay with the rescheduling of the conference call from Friday to today. It was the first I'd heard of the conference call. I didn't have Jeff's email in ...

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Ploning alone (It's not half as complex as I was expecting)

Plone really is a fairly thin (but broad) layer on top of Zope machinery, with Archetypes seeming to be a fairly close analogue to my own BasicProperty project (in the emphasis on "Attributes", particularly). I spent the evening plumbing through the APIs (there's a lot in there) then settled down to read through the documentation.

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