Some OpenGL-ctypes hacking (Including getting auto-generation working again...)

Added a GLX sub-package to OpenGL-ctypes today. It was created using the auto-generation mechanism, which had drifted away from the subclass I created a bit. Seem to be back to usable results now.

Tried to get the WGL sub-package created, but didn't have one of the MSVC libraries I needed to do the auto-generation. Also integrated a submitted patch for win32. There are a number of things the new auto-generator does that I need to fix (e.g. the _libraries[ ] lines at the top and the fact that libraries no longer have names (they have the _libraries[ ] lines instead, and there are asserts in the code that are incorrect when you build the code on a 64-bit architecture but run it on a 32-bit architecture).

Added preliminary support to allow for using lists/tuples as array input types even if there is no numpy module available. That code is pretty slow compared to the numpy version, but it does seem to work. I also looked into gl2ps support. It's LGPL, so wouldn't want to include the code in the distribution, but AFAICS it doesn't have a library form that the user could install separately. That is, there's no loadable .so available, it's just assumed to be statically linked into each program that uses it. Oh well.


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