Images working in OpenGL-ctypes (Just needed to rebuild the ctypes library cleanly...)

Turns out that annoying image-to-texture failure was actually just a messed up compile on my machine. Anyway, OpenGL-ctypes now has image handling working under OpenGLContext. Spent some time trying to get the GLUT bitmap fonts working. So far no luck.

The GLUT declaration (on GLX machines) looks like this:
	GLUTAPI void *glutBitmap9By15;
#define GLUT_BITMAP_9_BY_15 (&glutBitmap9By15)

Which I'm trying to replicate as:
	name = [ x.title() for x in constant.split( '_' )[1:] ]
internal = 'glut' + "".join( [x.title() for x in name] )
pointer = ctypes.c_void_p.in_dll( GLUT, internal )
return pointer

but the values I get, while they don't cause any complaints, also don't produce any visible effect. Anyway, need to get to bed now. I spent much of the day trying to get a trivial web service to properly handle dictionaries, in other words, the day was a frustrating mess.


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