Wow, that was just evil! (In the Company of Men)

Well, as I've been sitting here working on getting decent graph-drawing working, I've had a movie playing (ATI All-in-Wonder cards let you have a transluscent TV window over your work windows) which is a preview for the Independent Film Channel.

The movie In the Company of Men is... well... sociopathic. No redeeming characteristics for the primary characters, they're just evil. Even the victim is not a particularly nice person.

Freaky thing is, I guess there's nothing particularly horrific about what they do (there are probably lots of guys who do the same thing, pretending to love a woman, having sex with them, then dropping them), it's just that their motivations are disturbing because they are explicitly aware of their cruelty... though honestly it's still pretty disturbing when they aren't aware... men can be pigs.


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