Messaging systems aren't as fun as you might have imagined (Though if you were you a person inclined to imagine such things maybe they'd be a laugh a minute...)

Today seemed very fragmented. Don't know why. Much of the day was spent reviewing things trying to figure out why performance on the server tanked after yesterday's reboot. No luck there. It really shouldn't have been the CMTS OID rescanning. Also spent a while looking at what's required to move forward from a marketting standpoint.

Natasha's apparently still at home sick. Or maybe she left her job. She didn't actually clarify that.

Shane's invited me out for coffee this evening. About to head out.

Have to set aside some time to really look at Jelle's project and give him some feedback on the approach. For that matter, going to take an hour or two just to read the last email and answer everything. Need to get OpenGLContext released some time really soon too. Have to fix the video-capture driver for Linux. Oh, and going to Lara's party tomorrow, oh, and grocery shopping, so little time to do all that. Oh, and grams is sick.

Oh, and I want to go to Casa Loma and take a few hundred pictures or so for textures... but I want to do it with a model... don't know why, just feel like having someone to photograph along with the building. Thinking I'll maybe ask Lisa, though I'm sure she has better things to do. Maybe I could get Natasha or Lara or Golnar. Need to have an entire afternoon to do that, though. Not this weekend.

Anyway, off to get myself a Chantico.


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