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Heisenberg's revenge (Crude measurements mess up the test suite)

So, for the past 8 hours I've been debugging an error that just makes no sense. I commit changes to a record to the database (using the background thread, as required by twisted), and the record isn't committed a few seconds later. Ages spent assuring that the commit actually occurs, that a refresh is done ...

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In other news... (Brief bits)

  • I'm told someone reads this blog!
  • Also, got a commitment from Shiva and Lisa to go hiking with the Bruce Trail club (and me) sometime in July.
  • Made a nice curry, though it was far milder than I'd intended.
  • Watched the season finales of Smallville and Enterprise. Think I'll just stop watching Enterprise. Smallville was ...

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Pinging away (Randomised scanning going slowly)

Spent all of yesterday (after the visit to Tony's) working on the randomised "ping" scanner. Something weird is causing the whole process to be incredibly slow, and I'm beginning to think it's the creation and destruction of database connections in the thread-pool-managed-threads.

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