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Proper capitalisation of uncle and aunt (A question I couldn't answer on Twisted channel)

I belive that you only capitalise these things when you are using them as a title, that is "Uncle Jack said something", but "my uncle, Jack, said something".

However, what about when it's used as an adjective? That is "my uncle Jack said" which reads very differently than "my Uncle Jack said". The first has ...

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Rosey visit yesterday (Noah too!)

Rosey dropped in yesterday to feed all of my addictions (coffee, pudding, iced tea mix and puppies) and be fed some leftover curry. Turns out she hasn't started the new job yet, it's something like a week and a couple of days away still. She's working weekends with a friend's mother to help set up ...

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Think I should sleep... (Goes much faster when you're not spending all your time on stupid errors)

Well, that was markedly less frustrating. Got the next few boxes on the map worked out, though I haven't figured out an elegant (and efficient) way to make the hierarchy update. I'm actually considering using a single query for each node in the hierarchy so that the group-watcher will reload its own children every X ...

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