Need an intellectual recharge (Maybe more philosophy this evening)

Feeling the need to recharge my enthusiasm for knowledge.

Listened to the next in the philosophy lecture series (I stopped for quite a while there), was good to think at a more abstract level for an hour or so. Was discussing the neo-Aristotelians at Oxford in the Quatrocento (a.k.a. The Rennaissance). Apparently "The Elegant Universe" is waiting for me at the library, should pick that up tomorrow on the way to the management meeting. Also asked Lisa if she felt like getting together to chat some afternoon later this week, hopefully she'll have some juicy legal morsels on which to chew. XXX is in town next weekend, should have a get-together on Friday or Saturday night for her, she's always good for a deep conversation.

Okay, back to slogging through mundane-as-mud code now.


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