This week we tried a few games of pool (I still won ;) )

Grams and I played 1 game of snooker and then 3 of pool. Going to have to brush up on the rules of pool, it's been way too long, and there's at least 2 major variants that we're conflating. Still working on getting Gentoo set up for real work. Eric3 (a Python IDE) is crashing every time I try to set up my preferences, so I've had to shelve it. SciTe looks like the only viable editor so far. It's okay, with mostly Windows-refugee-friendly editing mechanisms, but it's no PythonWin.


  1. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 06/13/2004 8:23 p.m. #

    Eric crashing was fixed by updating to the experimental/testing emerge (version 3.4.1). Will have to use it a bit more to be sure, but it seems that it may be basically usable (I haven't actually tried editing yet, so I don't yet know if the key-bindings are reasonable).

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