Should check all these scripts into local CVS (Noticable amount of effort could be lost)

Being a python programmer, I tend to write Python scripts to solve little problems that arise, for instance:
  • Download my Sourceforge projects' CVS repositories into a directory for backup every week
  • process CVS logfiles to help with generating changelogs
  • add my python-coding sub-vocabulary to Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • backup mozilla profile and secondary mail directories as well as .sig files
  • fix CVS checkouts after sourceforge changed how CVS access works
  • generate thumbnail files for my portfolio
  • weak-referencing list/tuple sub-classes
  • print out a metakit database's structure
  • calculate fibonacci numbers
  • generate mandelbrot fractals
  • shuffle an M3U playlist file
  • calculate sunrise/sunset times

Obviously, I can survive losing some (or even all) of those, but it would be inconvenient to have to reproduce them.


  1. John Klassa

    John Klassa on 06/24/2004 7:18 a.m. #

    I know the feeling... I'm more of a perl guy, but I feel like I write 2-3 scripts a day, for various odd jobs. Sometimes, as I start to write something, I get an odd sense that I've written the same thing before. I can never figure out what I happened to call the last version, though. :-)<br />

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 06/24/2004 12:35 p.m. #

    Indeed. I didn't include the 4 or 5 different scripts that were all responsible for backing up the scripts directory, were all written without reference to one another, and were all forgotten when I rebuilt the system at one time or another and lost the AT job that originally ran them.

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