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Templating joys (Slog, slog, slog, slog-slog-slog, slog, slog, slog, slog-slog-slog, slog, slog...)

Bryan truly impressed me today. Been trying to figure out why certain groups are winding up being reported as offline so often. The answer was staring me in the face, but Bryan had to point it out for me to realise it. Fixing it is going to be a bit of a PITA (the proper ...

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Emerges for all! (Oh what a geeky life we lead...)

Tim dropped by this evening, so I figured I may as well do some work on Gentoo. Reworked all of the emerges I created (fonttools, ttfquery, pydispatcher, and twistedsnmp) to conform to the (rather too terse for my taste) Gentoo style.

Then I added drag-and-drop from Konquerer into Eric3 to open files, wound up with ...

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