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Kernel modules need dependency notes (Or... how I got the tablet working)

Turns out that the "wacom" kernel module in 2.6 kernels is actually just one of about 5 modules you need to load. With all of them loaded, and some xorg.conf settings copied from a howto, the tablet is again "working" under xorg. However, it still has that annoying habit of getting stuck about 10-20 pixels ...

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Breaching seems to have worked (finally) (AMD64 seems to be the ticket (GRP helps too))

So, after this evening's "real" work, I decided once again to try to install Gentoo, but this time I went whole-hog and built with the actual 64-bit architecture (which is far less extensively tested than the 32-bit version). Also decided to use the Gentoo reference platform (GRP) to get the bulk of the compiling done ...

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