Bogging down a bit on the charge-setup subsystem (Uncharted areas for me to some degree...)

One of the major wish-list items for the new billing system is the ability to set up differential charging schemes using a tabular setup, so that admins can set up a default table of charges and then sets of overrides to those charges based on a rule match (e.g. you have a given token, or you have another package type, or the month is February, or whatever). Each tabular entry then has charge for the first, second, third, etceteras instance of the package.

I'm not, however, merely trying to set it up as a tabular charging system, I'm also trying to fit it elegantly into the state-transition approach, so that the admin can also set charges for given state transitions (e.g. activation, deactivation). Not stopped on it, but it is making for slow going trying to keep things open enough to support the various user stories.

Also met with a potential client this evening. They basically want a fully functional billing and provisioning system including a CDR rating system in two weeks. Very, very tight timeline on that. Wouldn't even consider it possible if I hadn't been working on a similar system already.


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