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Aug. 30, 2004 - Sept. 5, 2004

Kernel modules need dependency notes (Or... how I got the tablet working)

Turns out that the "wacom" kernel module in 2.6 kernels is actually just one of about 5 modules you need to load. With all of them loaded, and some xorg.conf settings copied from a howto, the tablet is again "working" under xorg. However, it still has that annoying habit of getting stuck about 10-20 pixels ...

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Breaching seems to have worked (finally) (AMD64 seems to be the ticket (GRP helps too))

So, after this evening's "real" work, I decided once again to try to install Gentoo, but this time I went whole-hog and built with the actual 64-bit architecture (which is far less extensively tested than the 32-bit version). Also decided to use the Gentoo reference platform (GRP) to get the bulk of the compiling done ...

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Hardware is starting to get on my nerves... (Or at least the drivers for it...)

Sometime during the week (I think it was Thursday, just before I tried to install Gentoo again, anyway) I was trying to fix the CD-R drive in Windows, which somehow got set to 1x speed (i.e. taking > 1 hour to burn a single CD) when Rosey was using the machine a few weeks ago to ...

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Breaching leads to madness (Gentoo dives back into the insanity)

Left Gentoo last night compiling xorg-x11 (the base windowing system for Linux machines). About 5 in the morning I wake up to find that the dratted thing has stopped with exactly the same errors-in-gcc's-linker that the wipe-and-recreate were supposed to fix.

Tried to boot back into Windows, and it was giving blue-screens-of-death every time. Pulled ...

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Breaching going better this time (Don't use USB keyboard and mouse for Knoppix, oh, and use the actual Gentoo CD)

I'm up to the stage where one builds the kernel in the latest Gentoo install. Probably 4 hours wasted trying to get Knoppix to work as the hosting/building environment.

For some silly reason it kept losing my USB keyboard and mouse. After I switched both to PS/2 connectors that problem was solved, but then the ...

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A few days of paying work (Just for a change...)

Switched back to the web-"spidering" application yesterday, a few more hours of work today on it. This is really just a web-checking engine that goes out and sees if any of a few tens of thousands of pages have changed in the last day or so and reports the results.

Nothing really complex there, but ...

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Hitting the limits of your tools... ( limiting.)

I use PyTable fairly extensively (actually exclusively) when I'm working with databases. Today, however, I've come up against a limitation that I've long known to exist, but have never before had a reason to fix. Makes for a rather slow hacking day I'm afraid.

In particular, PostgreSQL has a feature which defines distinct namespaces for ...

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